Enclosed hood systems

Noise reduction system

In environments, where the paper mill is situated close to a populated area, the issue of sound pollution has become an important issue.

As our company is deeply committed to respecting the sensitivities of the
urban and natural environments surrounding our partner’s sites, we have developed a highlyreliable and efficient system for noise reduction. It can be implemented as a part of a new process ventilation instalment, or especially designed for an existing solution.


One of the crucial areas where the air conditions in the hall can be impacted the most, is the forming section area. The moisture released in this part of the production process can greatly influence the production hall air conditions and have a detrimental effect on the environment if not managed properly.

As a reply to the growing need to increase the durability of walls, steel structure and improve the working conditions, we have developed dedicated forming section ventilation to successfully manage moisture and temperature in this area.


As a specialist in board and paper mill industry, our extremely flexible team is always ready for a new challenge, including taking on a job of the project leader for a machine rebuild. In one of the similar projects, we have taken on cooperating with several suppliers and successfully engineered and assembled:

split press tandem felts,
low/high vacuum in the forming section,
pick-up and guide rolls,
new drives,
new doctor blades.