Enclosed hood systems

Energy re-use through heat recovery

The energy invested in the drying process, can be efficiently used again with the help of our extremely durable and efficient heat exchangers. The system for heat recovery is engineered in such a way as to allow for the warm, damp air from the production line to be used again for the heating of air and water, needed in the production process and hall ventilation. Our experience in designing, installing and maintaining such systems guarantees for a flexible, tailor-made and durable solution for any board or paper mill.
Our air to air heat exchanger is made entirely of stainless steel, which renders it virtually immune to the decay caused by moisture and heat. Its pipes are welded onto the head plates, which further increases their efficiency and durability. The exchanger comes complete with an automatic water spray system for internal cleaning and access doors for maintenance. It can also include a supporting structure, a ladder and walkways (optional).

Our indirect air to water heat exchanger is equally durable. It is made of stainless steel plates forming a honeycomb configuration for high efficiency and durability. This heat exchanger also comes complete with a water spray system for internal pocket cleaning.

It is mainly used for heating fresh water or glycol water in production hall ventilation. It can also include a supporting structure, a ladder and walkways (optional).

The direct air to water heat exchanger sports an extremely strong construction in stainless steel sheets, complete with special bank of self-cleaning nozzles for heating process water. It can be upgraded with a supporting structure, a ladder and walkways (optional).

Uniform moisture content with superior pocket ventilation

The aim of the pocket ventilation system is to optimize the drying process and machine runability, and to avoid web fluttering and wrinkles. The innovative configuration and engineering of the enclosed hood allows us to supply the air along the production line both from front and/or the drive side. An optimized air distribution is achieved with the help of the special blow boxes, which were designed to guarantee an even distribution of air inside the pockets.

As a result we guarantee an even moisture content inside the pockets where our blow boxes are installed (≥250-300g H2O/kg d.a.). The blow boxes come in two variations: for standard pocket geometry or specially designed double effect blow boxes for offset roll geometry.

Optimum production hall ventilation

Be it an existing production hall or a new production site, our ventilation specialists are able to create a computer model of the hall situation, identify the problem areas and neutralise them with the design of the optimum ventilation.

Our highly versed team can then plan, engineer and install the energy efficient ventilation system which will provide for a pleasant work environment and prevent accumulation of condensation along the walls, roof and floor.