Paper industry specialists

Everything you need to know about our Company

Tip95 is a specialist in process ventilation for board and paper mills with decades of tradition in all of the major international markets.

Our team of young and innovative experts is always putting the needs and goals of our customers first: our tailor-made solutions are designed to achieve more for less. Through numerous projects varying in sizes, geographic, business and environmental factors, we have accrued an ever-growing know-how base, from which we are now sourcing our innovation and experience for new endeavours.
Our projects are planned, engineered, manufactured and installed by our team, following through from the initial setting of goals to the implementation and the launch phase. This makes us especially reliable and responsive, and the reliability of our tailor-made solutions is tested and finalised by the same people who designed them.

As we continually strive to achieve the best return on investment for our customers, the solutions we implement result in:

Decreased overall energy costs

Each unit of energy will be used to its maximum potential, the output collected and re-used, thus decreasing the costs of energy further.

Increase in the quality of working conditions.

Our innovative solutions allow for a greater ease of manipulation and much better working conditions in terms of moisture, heat and dust management.

Shorter down-times

As the maintenance interventions will become easier and quicker, the down-time due to paper breaks and regular maintenance will be shortened.

Major improvement in energy use efficiency

You will use less energy to achieve more.

Decrease in maintenance costs

Maintenance will become easier and quicker.

Better quality of paper or board

In terms of uniformity of grammage, humidity and density.


How do we achieve it?

Our team size and experience allows us to be extremely flexible, fast, responsive and reliable.

Our biggest advantage is the know-how and superior engineering of all our solutions.

Each project benefits from the engagement of the top team from the beginning through to the end.

We base our cooperation with our customers on our thorough accountability for the services and solutions provided

The high quality of our projects is based on the fact that the same people produce and install all of our solutions.

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